How to join JPN/ Donation

You can join JPN activities in the following three ways;

(1) Participation as a member of JPN

Annual Membership Fees :
1) Full Member (organization): 10,000 yen

2) Associate Member (organization or individual): 5,000 yen

3) Supporting Member:
-Individuals: 3,000 yen
-Student: 1,000 yen
-Non-profit organization: 10,000 yen
-Private Corporation: 30,000 yen

▶Regulations of the Philippines-Japan NGO Network(Revised: June 17, 2021)
▶Terms and Conditions of Membership of the Japan-Philippines NGO Network(April 1, 2013)

For details on how to apply for membership, please contact the JPN secretariat.


(2) Donation
Donation of any amount is welcome and will be used for advancement of JPN’s general activities.
For application: Please contact the JPN Secretariat.

Japan-Philippines NGO Network Secretariat
c/o Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21)
TEL: 03-3945-2615 FAX: 03-3945-2692
E-mail :

Bank information: Japan Post Bank
●Payment from a Japan Post Bank account:
Account Number: 00140-6-338579
Receiver: Nippi NGO Network (Japan Philippines NGO Network)

●Payment from the other banks:
Branch (Branch Number): 019 (zero-one-nine) branch
Account type: Current account (Futsu)
Account Number: 0338579
Receiver: Nippi NGO Network (Japan Philippines NGO Network)

(3) Other ways to join JPN activities
-Participating in study sessions and other events (For details, please see “JPN News”.)