About JPN

Background of JPN’s Foundation

In April 2006, the year in which the 50th anniversary of the normalization of relations between Japan and the Philippines, or Friend Year, was celebrated, the Japan-Philippines NGO Network, or JPN, was founded as a means to promote the exchange of information and partnership between Japanese and Philippine NGOs. On the Philippine side, with encouragement from the Japanese side, the Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership, or PJP, was established to serve the needs of Philippine NGOs. In November of the same year, the two networks and Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21), which prepared necessary funds and served as the secretariat of the Symposium, collaborated to hold the first “Japan-Philippines NGO Symposium” in Taguig City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. The symposium served as a forum to publicize the establishment of the two networks and to discuss the prospects for future collaboration between the two networks.

Purpose of JPN’s Activities

To promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Japanese NGOs working with the people of the Philippines, and to promote collaboration between Japanese and Philippine NGOs, thereby contributing to the building of creative relations between the civil societies of the two countries. (Article 2 of the Regulations of JPN)


JPN carries out the following activities:
(1) Promotion of exchange of information and experiences among the JPN member NGOs
(2) Promotion of exchange of information, people-to-people exchange and collaborative projects with Philippine NGOs
(3) Advocacy activities to authority and other organizations concerned in Japan and overseas
(4) Promotion of understanding in Japan about Philippine society and its people, and roles and activities of Japanese NGOs engaged in cooperative activities in the Philippines
(5) Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose
(Article 3 of the Regulations of JPN)

JPN Steering Committee

JPN Steering Committee: Mr. Michio Ito  

Asian Community Center 21(ACC21)


Mr. Norihiro Inomata  

Philippine Nikkeijin Legal Support Center(PNLSC)

*Vice Chairperson


Mr. Hajime Yokota



Mr. Yuichi Moriwaki Aspiring Citizens for Community Empowerment with sunny smile, Inc. (ACCESS)
Ms. Ayako Koike WE21 Japan
Ms. Junko Uchiyama DAREDEMO HERO

Auditor:                Mr. Kazuo Tsurumi      Youth Engagement International

Secretariat : Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21)

JPN Secretariat

C/O Asia Community Center 21 (ACC21) 1st fl., Asia Bunka Kaikan, 2-12-13, Honkomagome,Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-8642
TEL:+81-3-3945-2615 FAX:+81-3-3945-2692
E-mail : jpn@acc21.org
(Available on: 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., weekdays)


・5 min. walk from “Sengoku” station, A1 Exit, Toei Mita Line
・10-12 min. walk along Hongo Dori from either “Komagome” station, South Exit, JR Yamanote Line or “Komagome” station, Exit No.2, subway Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line
・15 min. walk along Kyu-Hakusan Dori toward Sengoku from “Sugamo” station, South Exit, JR Yamanote Line
・12 min. walk along Hongo Dori from “Honkomagome” station, Exit 2, subway Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line