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HOME > JPN News > Latest updates from Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) and Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN)

Latest updates from Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) and Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN)

Dec 28, 2011

Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) continues with its relief operations for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro City. In response to validated information regarding the need for more non-food items, Balay Mindanaw is now shifting its efforts to providing non-food packages for most of the barangays under its care with the exception of Iponan where food packages are still in need.

As of December 26, around 300 new relief assistance packages were prepared for immediate distribution. Each package contains 5 pieces of toothbrush, 2 double-pack sachets of toothpaste, 2 bars of bathing soap, 5 pairs of rubber slippers, 4 pairs of male underwear, 6 pairs of female underwear, and a pack of sanitary napkin. Each package costs PHP 400 or approximately USD 10.

Here in Japan, JPN continues to gather donations in support of Balay Mindanaw's on-going efforts. As of December 27, 2011, JPN, through ACC21, has sent donations amounting to 180,000 yen for Balay Minadanaw's on-going relief operations.

For more details on BMFI's on-going relief operations, please visit their website:


Thank you for your generous support and donations. Let's continue helping out our neighbors in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Your donations and assistance are very much welcome and appreciated. We continue to accept donations.



(Within Japan)
    (みずほ銀行 駒込支店)
    Account number: 0559-1126638
Account holder's name (Japanese only): ACC21緊急復興支援 (エーシーシーニジユウイチキンキユウフツコウシエン)
It is not possible for us to have a payee's information though the transmittance record, so please give your name, address, and contact number to ACC21, which serves as Secretariat of Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN).

Asian Community Center 21
E-mail: jpn@acc21.org Tel: 03-3945-2615 Fax: 03-3945-2692

For any questions regarding the provision of donations and assistance through the JPN via ACC21, you may contact us at:
Asian Community Center 21
ABK Bldg 2-12-13 Honkomagome Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8642 JAPAN
Tel: 03-3945-2615 Fax: 03-3945-2692
E-mail: jpn@acc21.org

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