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About JPN

Japan-Philippines NGO Symposium

Holding the Japan-Philippines NGO Symposium


With the objective to share information and establish closer alliances between Japanese and Philippine NGOs and other sectors, the Japan-Philippines NGO Symposium has been held 3 times as of the end of the fiscal year 2010 (2006:Manila, 2008:Tokyo, 2010:Davao).

In the 1st Symposium, mutual understanding between Japanese and Philippine NGOs was established and deepened, and both parties gave specific focus on poverty alleviation in the Philippines, and agreed to work together for the empowerment of the poverty-stricken. This symposium became the first step for the JPN and PJP partnership.

In the 2nd Symposium, NGO representatives from Japan and the Philippines gathered to substantiate the partnership program between the two countries. The issue of Filipinos working in Japan was also taken up, and by this, the understanding between NGOs and citizens had been deepened.

In the 3rd Symposium, a more tangible progression was realized through the discussion of the "Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership Fund". PJP made a presentation on the results of their fund-raising campaign. "Japanese Descendants in the Philippines" and "Pre-War Japanese Residents in the Philippines" were also taken up, and participants were able to have a better understanding about the wide-ranging history of human interaction between Japan and the Philippines.

In this symposium, the representatives of NGOs, government and financial groups, university faculty and students were able to participate and deepen their understanding about each other's activities and develop unity towards achieving mutual goals. As a result, it has established new partnerships and has widened the circle of cooperation.

Please see the Symposium Report for details.