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About JPN

Follow ups for the "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines"

In order to follow up if the "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines" , that was drawn up in June 2008, is being carried out as planned, JPN holds unofficial meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to collect information and to exchange opinions on this matter.

Amendment from "Country Assistance Program" to "Country Assistance Policy" (June, 2010)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in "ODA Review Final Report - Enhancing Enlightened National Interest" of June 2010, that in order to "make the priority areas and policy of each country's Assistance clearer, the Country Assistance Program will be reformed to be more compact and highly strategic. For this, the contents and process shall be simplified and rationalized, and be applied to all ODA countries." It has been decided that the "Country Assistance Program" will change its name to "Country Assistance Policy", make the contents more compact (the Policy paper is 2 pages at the most) and to make the development process shorter in terms and faster.

Reference: Implementation of the Country Assistance Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japanese)


The policy for the Philippines is still in process of planning, and will be announced within the year 2011. Until then, the "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines" (June, 2008) is valid.

The Japan-Philippines NGO Network is continually following up the planning of the "Country Assistance Policy for the Philippines", so that space for discussion with NGOs in Japan and the Philippines will be secured.

Overview of the "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines" (June, 2008)

The Japanese Government developed the first "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines" in the year 2000. At the ODA General Strategy Council in May 2004, Japan decided to revise the program due to new conditions in place such as subsequent changes in the economic conditions in the Philippines, and the announcement of the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) by the second Arroyo administration in 2004. Based on this decision, in June 2008, the new Country Assistance Program was developed to specify the directions of Japan's ODA toward the Philippines for the next five years. During the process of planning, opinions of NGOs in Japan and the Philippines were taken up.

The "Country Assistance Program for the Philippines" (June, 2008) focuses on the 3 following areas:
・Sustained economic growth to expand employment opportunities
・Self-reliance support for poverty and improvement of the living environment
・Supporting peace and stability in Mindanao

In this assistance program, it also states specific directions such as the improvement of the ability to implement the policy and governance. Moreover, the word "NGO" can be found more frequently compared to other countries' Assistance Programs, such as "coordination with civic organizations and NGOs" being stated as a method of approach, which means that it specifies the necessity to cooperate with NGOs of Japan and the Philippines.


・Country Assistance Program for the Philippines, Development Support, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
・Country Assistance Program for the Philippines (June, 2008) PDF(English)