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About JPN

Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership Fund Concept

日比NGO協働基金The Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership Fund is a new type of fund jointly conceptualized and administered by the Japan-Philippines NGO Network (JPN) and the Philippine-Japan NGO Partnership (PJP). NGOs from Japan and the Philippines work together and contribute to the fund through fund-raising activities and solicitation from donors coming from either the government or private business. The funds may be utilized to subsidize or support the efforts of Japanese and Philippine NGOs like poverty alleviation programs in the Philippines, human resource development projects and different kinds of exchange programs between the two countries and other more recent concerns.

JPN is now in process of discussions with the Philippine side (PJP) to firmly establish the "Philippines-Japan NGO Partnership Fund". With the participation of NGOs from Japan and the Philippines, its activities can be more transparent and effective. This Partnership Fund aims to build an equal relationship based on the mutual trust of the two countries.

Concerned Areas (tentative)

Concerned areas for funding are the following priority issues in Philippine development. These were specified during the 2nd Japan-Philippines NGO Symposium. These are*:

Children's Education, Children's Health, Minority Groups, Peace Building, Sustainable Farming, Filipino Workers in Japan and Supporting Returnees to the Philippines, Supporting Japanese Descendants in the Philippines, Disaster Assistance and Restoration.

*Regardless of the area, projects that consider "Gender", "Environment", "Community Culture", and "Youth" shall be supported.

Specific Examples of Areas of Concern

Strengthening the abilities of People's Organizations and NGOs, Research, Advocacy, Development Projects (increasing income, child and maternal health, education, etc.) and more...